“Shock news: did you know you may have around FIVE KILOS of undigested food, impacted excrement, fatty deposits and intestinal plaque trapped in your colon?”

It’s enough to make you shudder, isn’t it? What is all that waste doing to your body’s functionality? Could it attract diseases? And what effect is it having on your overall health?

A toxic build-up in your colon can have other effects on your life too. For example, you might regularly feel bloated, or even suffer from painful gas. This in turn may make your belly stick out way more than you’d like it to. And no one likes that.

Undigested food in your colon may also impact on your ability to diet. Even if you’re following a diet plan, you may find it hard to keep the weight off. There’s also every chance that the deposits in your colon make you feel lethargic and lacking in energy.

But there’s a way to stop this: detox. And Cleanse Catalyst Plus is a really effective detoxifying agent

Taking the first step to significant weight loss may well involve a detoxification process. Cleanse Catalyst Plus is a specially prepared detox and colon-cleansing formula that has been formulated in order to flush out the lingering food and waste in your intestines.

When you’ve completed a colon cleanse, your body will function better. You’ll feel brighter, bouncier and re-energised. And you’ll probably have lost loads of weight too!

But if you want to see truly astounding results, try using Cleanse Catalyst Plus alongside another diet supplement, such as garcinia cambogia. You’ll be amazed at the weight loss you can achieve.

How a colon cleanse helps you lose weight

We’ve already talked about how Cleanse Catalyst Plus Australia can “re-set” your insides and begin your weight-loss programme. But because you’ll quickly lose the build up that had been sitting inside you, you’ll also notice your stomach soon becomes flatter.

Here’s the other surprise: with a healthier colon, you won’t actually want to eat as much. This is because your body finds it difficult to absorb nutrients from what you consume when all the parasites in the waste in your colon are getting in the way. In order to get all the nutrients you need, you end up eating loads more than you should and, of course, you put on weight.

But that’s not all. If your dodgy digestive tract is causing your energy levels to stay low, what do you eat when you’re desperate for a “quick fix”? Sugary foods, sodas, chocolate… We all know they’re not great for your overall health. But with a healthy colon, you won’t experience those cravings any more.

cleanse catalyst plusWhat you can do next to keep that diet going

So you’ve kicked off your journey into weight loss with a colon cleanse, but what now? How can you capitalise on this change in attitude to eating with an effective diet supplement?

Garcinia Cambogia. It’s an all-natural weight-loss supplement that not only helps you lose weight but also works unlike any other diet product.

  • It reduces your appetite
  • It actually prevents your body storing fat
  • It combats comfort-eating

Combining Cleanse Catalyst Plus and garcinia cambogia will change your attitude and approach to weight-loss – successfully!

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Cleanse Catalyst Plus Australia

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